The only reason to hire a coach is to get results you cannot achieve on your own.

Our clients start off as busy, without a nutrition strategy and impartial to exercise. The body fat has been slowly accumulating over the past few years.

We do our thing until they become busy, with a personalised nutrition strategy and exercise is a non-negotiable part of their life.  

These are everyday people who want to feel more energetic, comfortable with their partner, and confident presenting at work.

It's rarely fast, simple or easy. The typical transformation takes 3-8 months with body composition changes ranging from 6-16kg.

Results are a reflection of what you put in to the program (and your mouth). We will give you everything we have, but you're steering the ship - we simply help navigate.

We are authentic, lead from the front, and have your best interests at heart. You'll be fed you hard-to-swallow truths not sugar-coated lies, but they are delivered with empathy and experience.

There are plenty of trainer's, Instagram models, and books out there that will deliver results if you stick to them. Check them out - they might catch your eye.

We aren't interested in being your first or final option, we want to be the only option.

If you want to learn more about us, read some articles, join The 440 Club, or read a few reviews.

Tom Fitzgerald Coaching

Tom Fitzgerald


- B. Sport & Ex. Sci/B. Human Nutrition


- Nutrition Advisor - Women's Health & Fitness

Tom specialises in body recomposition for general population clients, helping them gain confidence and strength while losing body fat.

Tom's strategies and insights have been featured in Women's Health & Fitness, Oxygen Magazine, Men's Muscle & Health, and other publications. 

Tom works with clients remotely. 

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Najwa Allen


- B. Ex. Phys. & Rehab.

- Cert. 3 & 4 in Fitness

Najwa brings a unique blend of Personal Training and Exercise Physiology experience with general population and rehabilitation clients.

Najwa completed an eight-month internship with us in 2016, and began training clients in 2017.

Najwa works with Personal Training clients in Canberra.

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