Integrated Fitness & Nutrition was founded by Tom Fitzgerald in 2014, offering online training and nutrition coaching.

The aim was to rethink weight loss, instead focusing on body recomposition. Weight loss comes with a restrictive mindset, and often a lot of failures.

Body recomposition focuses on gaining strength, fitness, and improving nutrition intake.

As we implement these changes, the body composition changes to include less fat mass and more muscle, alongside better performance and health.

In 2015, we began offering personal training from a private gym in the Canberra City.



We now offer unique blend of experience, qualifications, and skill-sets. All tailored towards helping general population clients achieving body recomposition.

In 2017, we added Najwa to the team after her completion of our internship program with the University of Canberra, the year prior.

in 2018, Najwa now runs all personal training in Canberra. Tom looks after body recomposition strategies and online coaching from Kingscliff, NSW.

Tom Fitzgerald Coaching

Tom Fitzgerald

Exercise Scientist & Nutritionist

- B. Sport & Ex. Sci/B. Human Nutrition


- Nutrition Advisor - Women's Health & Fitness

Tom specialises in body recomposition for general population clients, helping them gain confidence and strength while losing body fat.

His strategies and insights have been featured in Women's Health & Fitness, Oxygen Magazine, Men's Muscle & Health, and many others. 

Tom works with clients remotely. 

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Najwa Allen

Personal Trainer

- B. Ex. Phys. & Rehab.

- Cert. 3 & 4 in Fitness

Najwa brings a unique blend of Personal Training and Exercise Physiology experience with general population and rehabilitation clients.

Najwa completed an eight-month internship with us in 2016, and began training clients in 2017.

Najwa works with Personal Training clients in Canberra.

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