Online Coaching

Who is Online Coaching for?

Our Online Coaching services are best-suited to people who are struggling to implement their current training and nutrition regime or want to take tighten up their strategy. We provide the training and nutrition strategy to deliver results, alongside the accountability to adhere to the program.

We work with people who:

  • have a gym membership, home gym, or access to desired training facilities (ie. rock climbing, running, swimming)

  • willing to commit to 4+ training sessions per week

  • able to commit to consultations every two/four weeks

  • willing to record training ongoing (ongoing)

  • willing to record nutrition intake (sometimes)

Online coaching is strategy based - we leverage our expertise in body recomposition to help you develop a sustainable approach. However, we cannot supervise exercise technique, diagnose injury or prescribe nutrition interventions for medical conditions.

We work in consultation with other fitness professionals including Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists, Dietitians, and Physiotherapists.

What Do You Get?

Gone are the days of generic PDF training programs and check-ins via Facebook. We conduct all communication via video/phone calls, emails and online check-in forms.

Our training app provides your training program including sets, reps, rest and video demonstrations. You can record your training sessions to allow us to track progress and develop future recommendations.

Online Coaching includes:

  • initial consultation, needs analysis and Tracking Challenge review

  • strategic outline and goal setting

  • personalised nutrition recommendations and programming

  • tailored training programming for your goals

  • fortnightly/monthly video consultations

  • weekly online check-in form

Coaching Packages

All coaching services include the features as listed above, the only variables are the frequency of video consultations and peak/off-peak times.

  • Monthly: video consultation every four weeks

  • Fortnightly: video consultation every two weeks

  • Athlete: flexible video consultation times based on travel and training cycle (average one every two weeks)

  • Consultation Times

    • Peak: 5pm - 7pm (Wednesday only; Thursday session TBA in 2019)

    • Off-peak: 1pm - 5pm (Wednesday & Thursday)


Coaching Package Prices

All prices are listed in AUD and billed monthly

Becoming A Client

In four easy steps…



You can get started by downloading the Client Information Pack that includes all of our coaching services, price list and more information about online coaching.

You can also select a time to book a call if you have any questions (optional, but welcomed).


The Tracking Challenge asks that you record your food, fluid and physical activity for seven days prior to our Strategy Consultation Call.

There is also an extensive background information form to complete to ensure we understand your training, nutrition and body composition background.

We complete this form prior to the Strategy Consultation to ensure we can advise on strategy instead of asking questions during the consultation.


Phone or video consultation to develop goals, outline your strategy and refine your training program.

There is no charge for the consultation call, but you must complete the Tracking Challenge and Background Information Form before booking this consultation.


Select your coaching package.

Your training program and nutrition recommendations will be assigned and the coaching process begins!


Do you have any other questions?