What’s the difference between Online Coaching and hiring a Personal Trainer?

Online Coaching focuses on the strategy behind your training and nutrition for body recomposition. We spend time developing and refining training programs, alongside analysing the training you have completed. We also provide nutrition recommendations based on your current intake.

Personal Training comes with the benefit of a coach supervising your trainings session, which can help push you harder and provide feedback on your technique.

Online Coaching and Personal Training are different services. There are some things that Personal Training provides that Online Coaching doesn’t - such as coaching in the gym.

We recommend thinking about which service is right for you. If you are new to resistance training, we recommend completing some sessions with Personal Trainer before transitioning to Online Coaching.

How do I make payments?

All payments are made via secure online payment system. You are billed every for weeks. There are no direct debits or storing of credit card details, however late payments will result in suspension of coaching and access to training programs.

What’s the duration?

There is no minimum coaching duration and each client will vary depending on their goals, experience and lifestyle. A timeframe for achieving your goals will be provided in the Strategy Consultation, however this a guide only.

Client Duration

Data from clients we have coached since January 2018. Includes active clients.

What if I want to cancel?

Your program renews every four weeks, which is outlined in the Terms and Conditions. Should you wish to cease your program, simply let us know before the next billing period.

What does the nutrition program look like?

The nutrition strategy varies between individuals. We do not provide meal plans, instead we work to refine your current nutrition intake to align it with your goals.

We do provide recommendations for specific meals, depending on the current emphasis of your nutrition program (ie. lunch, dinner, etc).

Why aren’t you on social media?

Because we couldn’t be trusted with it. We did the Instagram thing for four years, but it was never a passion or strong commitment and it was more of a distraction than a value add.

We understand that a lot of people do their research via social media - particularly when they want to learn more about someone they are looking to work with - which is why we are happy to connect via video or phone call to get to know you before we get started.

You’re welcome to connect with Tom on LinkedIn .

Longer articles with more information about our approach to training and nutrition can be found here.

Can I suspend my program?

If you want to take a break, this can be done at the end of the month before the next billing cycle. You can then take as long as you need. However, we are unable to hold any preferred consultation times whilst you are not a client and recommencement is subject to availability (we’ll be able to give you an idea when you take your break).

What if I can’t make my scheduled consultation?

Consultation are scheduled in advance, at a time selected by you. Sessions can be rescheduled using our online booking system, however availability close to the date is limited due to other client bookings.

We endeavour to reschedules cancellations where possible, however there are time when this cannot be done and the consultation will be lost (subject to Terms and Conditions).

Please note that clients using Off-peak services cannot book consultations during peak times (5pm - 7pm).