The 10 Rules for Successful Weight Loss

I’m not really into click-bait headlines or ridiculous claims, but this title is a necessity. As we move into the warmer months (it just cracked double figures here in Canberra) personal trainers, nutritionists and anyone selling gypsy magic in the weight loss industry will all rubbing their hands together with the impending influx of clients.

Alongside the New Year, spring is the most popular time for people to start a weight loss regime. The sun is coming out, summer is coming and you are ready to lose those few kilos you might have gained over winter. Your fitness might also be lacking, as a result of dialling back the physical activity over the past few months (scraping ice off your car doesn’t burn many calories).

Good problems to have!

There are some annoying aspects of losing weight. Integrated Insider email subscribers will be receiving my top three 'annoyances' that I have heard from people who have lost weight. Buying new clothes won't be one of them - that's too obvious!

PLEASE NOTE: they are all First World problems!

Expect to see a tonne of advertising on Facebook and everywhere else, as every man, women and their dog start promoting their weight loss services. I’ll be honest, you will find me there - probably right next to some guy selling raspberry ketones – promoting the Body Recomposition Program, which includes hard work and improving your nutrition (so it’s technically ‘old-fashioned’).

When it comes to perusing all of these advertisements and picking the right system to lose weight and improve your fitness, you will come across these phrases a lot. This is the ‘best’ ‘only way’ ‘all-new’ method/system/diet/whatever that will get you the results you have always dreamed of.

I won’t tell you which system to pick or which product to buy, but I will tell you this. Whatever you decide to go with, make sure it is something you will do. Sticking to a bad diet will foster weight loss better than not sticking to a good diet. That’s a bit of an oxymoron really, because if a diet is something you can stick to, it can’t be that bad…

I have put together some simples guidelines for you to follow, to help pick the right program for you. Now these won’t be relevant to every nutrition or training program you come across, but if you do see a few red-lights, it might be a good idea to step back and think before you buy.

Here are my 10 rules for finding the right nutrition and training plan for you!

Updated WL.png

If you pick any system or method that follows these rules, you can be assured that you will lose weight and make progress towards your goal body. Once you are past the newbie gains and possibly begin to plateau (usually after 6-8 weeks) you might need to step things up and get more tailored advice.

So enjoy the upcoming marketing storm and if you are in the market for services, I hope you make the right choices. The reality is that most people don’t. Generally, people decide to save money and rely on their ability to implement a system or program themselves. There is nothing wrong with this, but if you don’t know what you are doing and haven’t been committing to such a process previously, it can be very hard to stick to.

That can be frustrating for everyone concerned, but it’s also a reality. It just happens to also in line with the rules of financial, time and effort input I have spoken about a number of times, so I won’t bore you with it again!

If you make smart decisions in August and September you will kick your goals come December and January!