17 Gift Ideas for Fitness Freaks

Find the perfect gift for the fitness addict in your life!

Christmas is around the corner, which means busy shopping malls, packed car parks and leaving everything to the last minute. But before you can even get to that stage, you need to decided what to buy people.

Confused about what to buy the fitness freak you know? Don't want to accidentally buy something that contains carbs or isn't paleo?

Check out this guide for some helpful hints!

Gym bag.

The gym bag is the forgotten member of your gym crew. Every day, you fill it with the essentials you need for your training, and in return, you spill protein in there and forget to remove your sweaty workout clothes. Buy a bag that contains a separate section for personals/electronics, shoes and clothes, and ideally a holder for bottles. 

Try these: Nike YA Team Training Bag ($44.99) or Mind and Body Kit ($59) 

#xmastipswithfitz – everyone needs a new/clean bag!



Gifting protein powder is like giving your parents dishwashing powder. Sure, they will use it, but they were going to buy some anyway. If you go down the supplements, get them something novel (but legal). Consider a tub of branch chain amino acids or a tub of creatine. Write down a list of items they have (if you know) and ask someone at the supplement store what can complement their current stack.

Try these: Muscle Martini BCAA ($59.95) or Beast Creature Creatine ($59.95) from Aussie Supplements

#xmastipswithfitz – skip the protein powder and get them something new!


Weightlifting belt.

If you are doing heavy dead lifts, squats or bicep curls, a weightlifting belt can be a great addition. This will free them from having to use their gym’s communal belt, which is still holding sweat from the summer of 2008. Even though belts are very personalised choice (for size and style), they still a great gift idea. They are easy to return to the store and exchange for a different one, just keep a proof of purchase!

Try these: Schiek 2006 Belt (104.95) or Sting Neo Velcro Belt ($29.95)

#xmastipswithfitz – this is a gym essential! 



Having a good set of headphones is crucial at the gym. Aside from pumping out your favourite playlist at some decent decibels, it blocks out the other music and distractions at the gym. Buy headphones that sit in ear and have an extended cord. There is nothing worse than spending six weeks foam rolling your hip flexors everyday to loosen them up, only to have this new-found movement taken away by a cord that is too short! 

Try these: Sennheiser Sport ($69.95) or Bose SoundSport ($149.95) 

#xmastipswithfitz  - all I want for Christmas is tunes!

Be this guy #sweat #swag

Be this guy #sweat #swag

Gym shorts.

You can never have enough quality gym shorts. There is nothing worse than getting three days behind on washing, and having to wear a pair of boardshorts on leg day.

Mid thigh is the most popular cut as it does not impede any movement. If you’re buying for an IFBB Pro, consider the shorter cut and if you’re buying for someone who is starting leg training next year (for sure), NBA length might be required...

Try these: Reebok Men's Essentials Running Shorts ($30) or Lululemon Go the Distance Short ($65)

#xmastipswithfitz  - who likes short shorts? Those who squat.


Gym shirts and singlets

Cotton gym shirts have a very short lifespan, due to frequent washing and those gnarly sweat stains (it happens). Dri-fit clothing is the best, as it washes well (and repeatedly) and fits snug, with room for adjustment (read: getting swole). One size too big is better than a size too small, so err on the higher side of sizing or just keep the receipt.

Try these: Womens Camo Singlet (49.95) or Mens Arnie Tank ($30) 

#xmastipswithfitz  - sizing for guys: go for one size too small, it makes them feel bigger.



Small toiletries bag.

Great idea for people who have to get ready for work at the gym, but don’t want to carry their entire bathroom with them. Buy a small sized bag with some deodorant, moisturizing cream, eyeliner (wait, what?) and a toothbrush then they are set. No more late-night trips out to the car to get your gym bag, just so you can brush your teeth!

Try these: Canvas Toiletries Bag ($28) or B'Lite Xtra ($35.40) 

#xmastipswithfitz  - not glamourous (as Fergie once sang) but very useful!


Super absorbent towel.

Because it’s going to be sitting in your car all day if you train before work...

Try these: Microfibre Towel Deluxe ($59.98) 

#xmastipswithfitz  - don’t be offended when they forget about it, still a good gift. 


Heart rate monitor.

Usually aimed at the cardio crew, these are becoming increasingly popular among lifters. HRM offer a great insight into work output and energy expenditure during a training session. Top of the line options have plenty of cool features, but the average gym-goer can get plenty of benefit from the more basic models. 

Try these: Suunto Ambit2 HRM ($499) or MIO Alpha Strapless ($219) 

#xmastipswithfitz  - what is cardio?

Premium music-streaming account.

Even though pre-paid iTunes cards have been the staple of Christmas stockings for the past five years, it is time to move on. Spotify allows users to stream their music from anywhere with an internet connection, or save playlists to their phone. This service is perfect for gym goers, as you can access a great range of playlists, or build your own with the millions of songs on the app.

Try these: Spotify ($11.99 per month) or Google Play (free 30-day trial) 

#xmastipswithfitz – with this crackdown on copyright recently, you might just keep them out of jail!


Magazine subscription.

If #gymtipswithfitz isn’t satisifying your need for new information (or well written content) and need to branch out, how about a magazine subscription? This is the gift that keeps on giving (monthly). Popular options are Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness, but if they are into strength training consider Muscle and Strength, bodybuilders consider Flex and CrossFitters look for New Idea (jokes).

Try these: Men's Health ($79 for 15 issues) or FLEX Magazine ($89 for 12 issues) 

#xmastipswithfitz – reading is good for eye strength!


Cooking classes.

I’ve had some good (and bad) ideas in my time, but this is one of the best. If you know someone who is prepping food everyday, but it is bland and boring, why not give them a series of cooking lessons?! They are already putting in the hard work in the kitchen, so give them some more skills and variety. 

Try these: Canberra - 3seeds: Quick and Easy Chicken ($105) or Google a location near you!

#xmastipswithfitz – I wish I had of thought of this earlier!

BPA-free water bottle.

Muscle is 75% water. Enough said.  

Try these: Klean Kanteen 800ml ($27.95) or Contigo 700ml ($18.95) 

#xmastipswithfitz – water is good!


Travelling cutlery.

If they are anything like me, every single meal that is prepped and taken somewhere is usually accompanied with some cutlery from home. While the Tupperware container usually makes it back, the cutlery often isn’t so lucky. Some dedicated travel cutlery will be easier to carry and decrease the significance of losing vital eating utensils from your home.

Try these: Foldable Cutlery Set ($12.49)

#xmastipswithfitz  - good stocking filler or Kris Kringle option. 



If you are taking prepared meals with you, Tupperware is the gold-standard in storage containers. It’s the perfect gift idea for guys who a) don’t know what Tupperware is and b) wouldn’t know where to buy it from. Don’t buy too many containers, otherwise the dirty ones get left out and are never cleaned (apparently)!

Try these: Tupperware (party time?) or Glass TrueSeal Rectangular ($15.20) 

#xmastipswithfitz – you weren’t thinking about this, were you?


Make them throw out their Dora the Explorer lunch box and upgrade to a cooler bag. This keeps food chilled throughout the day, which is essential for uni students and tradies who might not have access to a fridge. Six pack bags are top of the line for bodybuilders and athletes, but there are cheaper options that will do the job just fine!

Try these: 6 Pack Bags Innovator ($94.95) or Personalised Disney Lunch Bag ($29.99) 

#xmastipswithfitz – I’m not joking, very useful!