Twenty Eighteen

Welcome to the 440 club!

This year, there will be an email from me, Monday to Friday at 4:40 am.

Now that I am remotely coaching all of my clients, with Najwa looking after in-person training, strengthening communication is very important.

The purpose of the email is to share something - an idea, a thought, or story, every day. 

Partly to introduce new training and nutrition strategies or answer questions, but mostly to help with accountability and be ready to jump in and help.

I am looking forward to the challenge of daily emails and prepared for the ego hit of unsubscribes. 

The Integrated Insider has gone from strength to strength, with over 350 subscribers and is the primary source of new clients when spaces do open up.

I like writing the emails, I enjoy getting feedback, and I love seeing the list grow – it’s a form of validation; an ego boost.

But this new daily email format will be many people’s reason to unsubscribe. ‘Too many emails’ or ‘not enough time to read them’ would be the main reasons for leaving, if I were to ask why.

But the reality is either one of these things:

  • they didn’t find the content interesting or informative; or
  • the daily email is a reminder of the lack of adherence to their system.

I get it. 

If my dentist emailed me every day, it would go one of two ways - I either floss, or I get annoyed at myself for not flossing, so I delete the source of this pain.

Fortunately, my dentist isn’t tech-savvy so I have not had that issue, even though I haven’t flossed for a few years!

For those of you who are sticking to the plan, implementing changes, and making progress, these daily emails will be a reminder of that good work.

You can write back and tell me your wins, or let me know if you have any questions that would also appeal to the broader audience.

Ideally, these emails will be short and sharp. But for those of you who have been reading my content for a while, you would know that rarely happens!

Tom Fitzgerald