What’s happening in 2019

These emails will revert to fortnightly in 2019, similar to The Integrated Insider from 2014 - 2017.

This will allow me to focus on putting together more longer form content and progressing some stalled projects in 2019.

Aside from the emails, the best place to connect with me will be LinkedIn - feel free to connect and follow any fresh content.

I am not planning to be on Facebook or Instagram in 2019 - although that might change before the end of this year - so LinkedIn and these fortnightly emails will be where I post the majority of content.

This will free up some content creation time to get back into some media work, which I enjoy doing.

After going down the quantity path in 2018, there will be a focus on quality and somewhat less content in 2019.

I have been doing some additional study in the area of data science and I am looking forward to bringing my new found skills, once acquired, to the articles and insights I like putting together.

One of my personal focus towards the end of 2018 has been consuming less content - media, social, etc - and focusing more on books and podcasts with experts in their field.

Not refreshing news websites every time I complete a task makes the day flow much better, as did shutting down Instagram before watching every video story.

So it makes sense to me to produce less content overall, make sure what I am putting out there is of a higher quality and use formats that benefit the reader.

I am working on a form of manual for managing your body composition - the manuscript has been in the works on and off over the past year.

It’s firstly a resource for clients to be able to refer to during their coaching program that will go into detail about the background to our approach to training and nutrition for body recomposition.

It contains simple rules to can be understood, recalled and implemented which will complement the training plan and make things easier when it comes to managing nutrition intake.

It will be a complete resource that contains coaching information so that anyone who doesn’t come on board as a client would still be able to experience my approach to training and nutrition for body composition.

Keep an eye on the emails in 2019 for more information as it becomes ready to roll.

And if you don’t see anything about it before March - feel free to let me know about it, in no uncertain terms!

Tom Fitzgerald