250 emails this year

Today marks the start of the 50th week of The 440 Club and daily emails in 2018.

It has been a great experience trying to craft these emails and I have been lucky to have great feedback from the readers that have helped shape the format, content and engagement over the past 12 months.

I am often surprised at what content really engages people and - it reinforces that will I might think I know what people want to read about or will enjoy, I am mostly wrong.

Some of the highest engagement came from emails I thought were a bit drab while others I thought were destined from the archives received nothing at all.

The best change was dedicating a weekly theme, which was a recommendation from a reader, Lincoln, which helped explore one topic in more depth through a series of shorter emails.

The other was using more frequently asked questions and topics of recent conversation to drive the weekly topic, which came from a question from Sue.

Instead of always trying to come up with a new topic, this made it easier to cover the same thing from a different angle or different explanation, which is exactly what I do with people in real life.

When I stopped thinking of these emails as a book or collection of thoughts, and instead as sharing thoughts, the emails became a lot easier to craft.

There were times where writing the emails was a grind, which I am sure came through, but the most important thing was to get something written and out there.

I thought of it a bit like training - consistency and getting something done was more important than trying to piece together brilliant sessions every single time.

If there is one thing I am happy with this year it’s the consistency of sitting down every Monday and crafting the next week’s emails.

It didn’t matter how busy I was or where I was in Australia - every single weekday there was an email delivered to your inbox.

I did mess up some scheduled delivery times, there were plenty of typos and some of the emails could have been refined, but they were there.

Tom Fitzgerald