338 calories per day

Firstly, there are 148 days until Christmas 2018, which will no doubt be upon us in no time.

Secondly, the average weight loss goal amongst my new clients is ~6kg.

So to achieve this goal over the next 148 days until Christmas would require an average daily energy deficit of -338 kcal.

This week, I want to outline how to put together a strategy that will deliver that -6kg present this festive season.

Of course, if you get started now, in the cold, it will be much easier than waiting for the warmer weather. 

If you wait another 74 days, until Friday 12th of October, the required deficit will double.

Here are the important numbers:

1kg of fat loss requires a -8250kcal energy deficit

6 kg x -8250kcal/kg = -49500 kcal (we’ll call it 50,000 for a safety margin).

-50000 kcal/148 days= -338 kcal/day.

Ready to get started? 

Start tracking!

Tom Fitzgerald