Four Training And Nutrition Experts I Am Listening To

I am a borderline nerd. I listen to podcasts and audiobooks instead of listening to music or the radio - except Hamish and Andy - when driving, walking and sometimes during training sessions. I enjoy listening to something different instead of the same songs, an idea progressing, plus I'm not going to consistently make time to read a book..

In 2014, I wrote about 10 Fitness & Nutrition Influencers to Follow which gave you an insight into some of the people I was reading from, listening to and following, at that time. The experts on this list create great content and I am still a fan of their work, but my approach to following people in the industry has somewhat changed since then.

I now listen to less people but engage with their content a lot more. Whether it be studying their courses, hiring them for consultations or simply staying across all their content, this has drastically improved the retention and implementation of their useful concepts. It is also very time-effective, as listening to 12 differing opinions on a single topic provides perspective, but often gets you no further than a single insight can.

To reflect this alteration, here are four people I am currently listening to and engaging with. Each provides a differing area of expertise (training, business, etc) and are high level performers. It is interesting to see the similarities between experts in different fields, but don't let me ruin that, you can listen to them yourself!


Phil Learney - Training & Nutrition

When I first heard Phil on Ben Coomber Radio, I had no idea what he was saying - due to a combination of a thick accent and technical terminology - but that has come 360 and now everything makes incredible sense! Phil has a massive depth understanding of training and nutrition, yet is able to explain things in simple terms that anyone can understand. He is a no-nonsense operator with a great understanding of human behaviour and psychology, which ties in very well with educating people and developing the right program for them.

Phil is the only remaining recommendation from my original post. His training, nutrition and business acumen make his content a great reference point for beginners right through to advanced individuals.  You should listen to Phil's Podcast or read Phil's Articles and increase your knowledge, whether you are an interested reader or industry professional.


Joe DeFranco - Training

Joe DeFranco is a legend of the sports performance industry, so says the introduction of his podcast! I have found this to be the absolute truth. Joe understands training for performance as well as anyone in the world, with a specialisation in strength and power training for athletic development. Joe emphasises nailing the fundamental and also practices what he preaches, training elite athletes with the same methodology he shares with you.

Joe also has great values, nothing to do with the gym. I am always impressed by people who prioritise these values and deserve their success. He shares the little tips and tricks that you might otherwise only gained through experience, and I can happily say I have implemented a number of his recommendations into both client's and my own training, with great success!


Jocko Willink - Accountability & Leadership

Jocko Willink is an ex-Navy Seal commander, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu expert and leadership consultant... not anything like myself!  I have read and listened to leadership experts in the past, but they tend to sound either too simple, too complex or just simply irrelevant. Jocko principles of leadership and accountability are different - they are relatable and applicable to anyone, whether you operate solo, small team or larger organisation. I would recommend his book Extreme Ownership to anyone (as in seriously recommend - above anything else in this article!).

The principle of extreme ownership is that accountability, self-assessment and responsibility form the effectiveness of an individual and organisation. As a coach working with clients on training and nutrition, you can look at this concept in one of two ways.

  • The first option is that if your client is not doing something you want them to do, you can say that they lack self-discipline and that is why they are not doing. 
  • The second option is that if they aren't doing something, you - as a coach -  need to either show them how to do it or help them do it. This is extreme ownership.

Listen to his podcast or get a copy of the book.


Tim Ferriss - Productivity

You might have heard of The Four Hour Work Week which, despite the title, I found more to be about being efficient to get more done, compared to working less. Tim is a specialist in 'hacking' things, whether they be physical or mental skills. I previously associated 'hacking' with hacks, but what Tim does is focus on the important phases of learning something - say a language - and eliminating the redundancies in the acquisition process. A better term in place of 'hacking' would be 'accelerated learning'.

Tim hosts The Tim Ferriss Show where he interviews world-class performers to better understand them. The best part of the podcast is high calibre of experts he interviews such as Arnold, Chris Sacca, Jamie Foxx and many lesser-known but high-performing experts in their field. It combines all these experts in one place and introduces you to people you would never thought to have listened to.



I am a relative newcomer to the training and nutrition industry so I am always looking refine my knowledge and skills while gaining experience. I have spent years studying to develop my knowledge, but have learnt equally as much from the above resources as they provide insights into lessons learned from practical experience, success and failure.

Most of the courses I take, experts I engage and books I read are the result of hearing them on podcasts or articles by other experts. 

Podcasts in particular are an exciting resource. There are many experts providing high-level content in their fields of expertise to the public, for free. There has been very little monetisation of the podcast world, but this might not be around forever. Take advantage of it while it lasts!

My summations do not do these individual's work justice. I recommend you take five minutes to follow the links, view their content and get a better understanding for yourself.