Accumulating minutes

I spoke about the eight-week program to build comfort in the gym.

I call this process ‘accumulating minutes’.

As you spend more time in the gym, your confidence starts to increase in two important ways.

Firstly, you become more confident in your own abilities in the gym.

If you spend eight weeks doing 20-mins of the treadmill three times per week, your fitness will increase.

As you see these noticeable increases, the training itself becomes something that comes with a tangible benefit.

Secondly, you begin to worry less about other people in the gym and the chance of a negative interaction.

You realise that most people are training with their headphones in and focus on themselves (mostly in the mirror).

More importantly, the longer that you are in the gym the more likely it is that you will have a positive experience with the staff or other members.

Most people in gyms are very nice and never looking to ruin someone else’s session.

Whilst these are things that I can tell you now, it’s much more beneficial to set up a strategy that progressively incorporates them, so you can see it for yourself.

As you begin to accumulate more minutes and greater comfort inside the gym, the expansion of equipment options increases.

You can try out some different machines that you aren’t yet entirely comfortable with the technique. 

Aside from the increased confidence of time in the gym and less fear of embarrassment, you’ve probably seen plenty of people use them now!

Tom Fitzgerald