Back to school

Good morning, %FIRSTNAME%.

Kids are back at school, which means the following:

  • my gym is now packed at 9:30 am – just when I want to train!
  • school zones are back in force – relevant, as I failed my driving test for not adhering to this rule (inadvertently).
  • most people's routine is getting back to normal – which is ideal for starting a new regime.

But I talk about getting started all the time. So instead, let me tell you about a teacher client, with whom I worked with previously.
We had an issue with water consumption being too low. 
It was difficult to increase because leaving Year Nines unsupervised while you went to the bathroom was not an option. Apparently, that’s the first thing they teach you in an education degree.
So we had the issue of needing more water, but not wanting to go to the bathroom too much.
What to do?
Mineral water!
Mineral water contains electrolytes (salts), which helps maintain the concentration of salts in the blood.
Urination is driven by how much fluid is in your bladder, but the urine content is determined by the salt concentration in your blood. 
When you are dehydrated (ie. not much water) the concentration of salts becomes high, so any urine excreted is dark (containing electrolytes).
When you are hyper-hydrated (ie. plenty of water) the concentration of salts is low, and the body excretes mostly water (clear urine – fewer salts).
The mechanism works to keep the blood salts concentration in a narrow range.
So why does the mineral water work?
Because it contains a concentration similar to the blood (isotonic – you might have heard sports drink advertising use this term) when it enters the body, there is less need to excrete fluid than if plain water, without electrolytes, were consumed.
Anyway, back to the story.
So we put the mineral water protocol in place and it worked a treat, and we increased water intake drastically, which also helps with hunger throughout the day.
I still use this trick when I’m flying long-distance, or any other time I want to avoid the bathroom.
Keep it in mind!

Tom Fitzgerald