Increasing body fact percentage

Last week’s emails were all about food myths and common misconceptions.

This week, I want to focus on the facts of body fat:

  • What actually causes body fat to accumulate.
  • What we can control.
  • How incentives complicate the matter.
  • And the key to getting longer-term results.

It’s fun to clear up misconceptions or bust myths, but it’s more important to understand what matters and what does not.

I often talk about creating an energy deficit to elicit fat loss, yet rarely discuss what causes the energy surplus leading to fat gain.

The more we understand about how someone gained weight, the more personalised their strategy to lose it can be.

I introduced the question ‘when did you last weight [insert goal here]’ to help ensure goal timeframes are realistic and adhereable.

Likewise, if we can find recognise what changed to lead weight gain, we can go about removing that and seeing what happens.

Tom Fitzgerald