Haven't you heard of Google?

Good morning.

I have, but I still think the benefit of a bookshelf goes beyond the knowledge and information inside the books.

Just by looking at the spine of the books, I can recall the content of the books and refer back to the key concepts.

I listen to audiobooks mostly. But if there’s a book I am particularly interested in, I will get the hard copy so it can sit on the bookshelf.

I even bought a hard copy of an audiobook I’d listened to a couple of times, so it could sit there.

Google is great, but you have to search for something to find it.

If you can’t recall it, you can’t search for it.

It’s the same as motivation.

There’s a huge amount of motivation out there, but you aren’t always connected to it.

When you find the motivation that resonates with you, find a way to keep it nearby as a little reminder to keep you on the path.

Tom Fitzgerald