Can we fix it?

Chronic injuries negatively impact body composition due to decreased physical activity.

There is also a lesser ability to get the motivation and adherence benefits that come from progressively increasing strength and fitness.

If you have a chronic injury but no management plan, consider booking a session with your physiotherapist to put together a strategy.

If you don’t want to see the physio, you can outline your own strategy. However, I would recommend having a point in there where you commit to a professional opinion if there is no improvement.

Chronic injuries can’t be reversed, but the pain can often be managed and the impact on your lifestyle minimised to some degree.

Just like tracking food intake prior to starting a diet, a great way to see what movements and activity is being restricted is to take notes.

Build a profile of when the injury is causing issues - you might see a pattern towards times of the day, certain movements, or load accumulation across the week.

You can do this prior to seeing a professional, which comes with the benefits of feeling proactive about your injury management and providing valuable insights into your injury, often beyond what you might recall in a consultation.

You won’t regret getting started!

Tom Fitzgerald