Myth Monday

Good morning.

The very first article I wrote was called Myth Monday: You Shouldn’t Eat Carbs After 6pm, published on July 7th, 2014.

The plan was to review a nutrition myth every week to see whether it holds true and what the context for use might be.

Most myths in nutrition aren’t explicitly untrue or deceptive, they have been taken out of context, often by people who have good intentions but lack knowledge in the area.

Myth Monday lasted one week, due to a mismatch of ideas and execution.

Funnily enough, it reared itself again a couple of years later someone I knew locally took inspiration from Integrated Fitness & Nutrition and set up a business that was markedly similar in many ways.

Guess what the title of their first post was?

Fact Or Fiction Friday: Carbs After 6 pm.

I couldn’t make that up if I tried.

The other week I came across the document that had the titles for the initial articles.

I was obviously on a macronutrient theme because there was one based each on carbs, fat and protein, while the final one looks at why these myths exist.

So this week I am finishing off the articles I started four years ago and they will be in your inbox over the next four days.

If you see these pop up on another website, let me know!

Tom Fitzgerald