Cardio contingencies

Good morning, %FIRSTNAME%.

I highlighted in the video the lack of cardio from last week (29 minutes, down from 108, 138, and 141 minutes in the previous three weeks).

I couldn’t swim because the creek was brown from the heavy rain bringing soil, debris, and probably bovine fecal matter to the ocean mouth.

Last time this lasted two days, but it’s been ten days so far.

But that's not why the training has dropped off - that's because I didn’t have a back up plan; a cardio contingency.

That comes down to nothing but poor planning and being lazy.

I relied on the creek clearing up - which is completely out of my control - when I should have been doing a few kms on the bike at the gym or adding in some runs. 

There’s no point stressing about it now, there’s nothing I can do about it now.

However, I’ve got 2x bike workouts, an assault bike session, and a hill walk planned and ready to go should it happen again.

I really hope it doesn’t, because swimming will be much better than doing any of those sessions!

Tom Fitzgerald