Changing up the plan

Good morning.

From the halfway point of the challenge, I have cut energy intake by 10% (2500 kcal to 2250 kcal) as mentioned in the video.

A standard deficit decrease is anywhere from 5-10% depending on how long it has been, adherence, and progression.

If there was no timeframe, ie. four weeks to go, I would have probably waited a week until implementing the decrease. Allowing to see what happens from reintroducing the cardio this week.

However, there is a timeframe and I want to get a result.

The only drawback of this approach is that it will be impossible to attribute any changes in body composition to either the decrease in energy intake or reinstated cardio, so we’ll have to say it’s from both.

I’ll speak more about the control and variable approach tomorrow.

Whenever changes are made, it’s important to track intake to make sure they are being implemented.

This is particularly important when you have been adhering to an intake for a long period of time and have become comfortable in allocating serving sizes of foods.

It’s easy to fall back into the old serving sizes and over-consume (relative to your new goals), leading to disappointment next time you check in.

So if you’re taking part in the challenge and looking to implement some changes over the next week, make sure you track your intake to ensure you are hitting the new target, not the old one!

Tom Fitzgerald