Dairy and egg free breakfast protein

Eggs and dairy are the go-to protein sources at breakfast time for most people.

But for those who don’t tolerate these foods well, be it in the morning or all the time, it can be challenging to find alternative sources at breakfast time.

There are plenty of options, they just don’t associate with breakfast as fast as milk, yoghurt and eggs might do.

Oats, quinoa, whole grain bread
These grains contain a solid protein content and can be consumed without milk.

Oats can be made up with water or milk alternatives and topped with fruits or berries to taste.

Quinoa is easy to consume grain that goes well with some wilted spinach and another protein source.

It also sits quite well in the fridge overnight, so it can be prepared in advance and minimise prep time in the morning.

Whole grain bread can be topped with another protein source such as avocado.

Milk alternatives
Almond, soy and goat milk are some of the low-lactose or lactose-free options that can be consumed in the mornings.

While they contain less protein than dairy, they can be consumed with something like oats to increase the total intake.

These allow existing breakfast options to stay the same.

So if you’ve been eating weetbix every day for ten years but don't tolerate dairy too well, you won’t have to find a new breakfast staple.

Halloumi can be used as a meat alternative. It also goes well with quinoa and spinach to create a breakfast bowl that is both filling and nutritious.

Because it’s made from goats or sheep milk, it is very low in lactose and can be a good option to trial in the morning for the dairy-sensitive.

Smoked salmon
Use this as a bacon alternative, toast topping and even include in a bowl with some quinoa.

Protein powder
Protein powder can be used to boost protein intake when low.

Whey protein powders are refined from dairy, but have low lactase levels and can often be tolerated by people who are sensitive to dairy.

Other powders include rice, pea and hemp protein, all of which contain no dairy.

Tom Fitzgerald