Killing dead time

Good morning.

Last week, I kicked off a new training strategy - AM sessions instead of mid-morning. 

While the luxury of being able to train at 10:30am was great, my day was becoming a bit disjointed.

The gym is about 1 km from the house, and the training session had a 10-minute run included, so by the time I got home and checked out the waves with Ellie (because we do that now), I was sitting down to breakfast with 7500 steps under my belt.

Eating breakfast on the balcony, I smugly looked down on the hordes of people completing their morning walk (and quietly thinking: really, you’ve left it this late? I’m already at 7500… are you aware the early bird catches the worm?).

But then disaster (work) struck.

I didn’t even think about my steps because I was so far out in front of the rest of the world. And just like the hare, I got comfortable and let the tortoise catch me.

At 4:30pm, when I next checked my steps, the number shocked me…


That’s a grand total of 431 steps in nine hours (less than 50 per hour).

My steps were positively correlated with procrastination, but the new work strategy had negated that!

I don’t sit in the ‘sitting is the new smoking camp’ but even so, that seemed low enough to do something about it. 

So for the rest of the week, all phone consultations were done walking around the house.

I realised I don’t breath very much when I’m talking - probably noted by anyone who heard me gasp for air - but at least I got my steps up. 

What’s the longest you sit throughout your day? 

How can/could you break it up with a walk?

Tom Fitzgerald