Coaching isn’t all about experience or knowledge, it has a lot to do with perspective.

The coach is detached.

They don’t have to engage the emotions that you have to overcome.

But that doesn’t mean the emotions aren’t an important part of coaching.

The art of coaching is being able to develop a strategy that factors in the emotions that will come up, not just soliciting advice (wanted or otherwise).

Being able to detach from the emotion is an important component of implementing your strategy.

If you are able to track your food intake and look at it objectively, you are able to detach yourself from the emotions and stresses that lead to the food intake.

You can then come with a couple of key areas to focus on so that when the situation pops up, you can avoid getting caught up in it and you have a plan to implement (not fall back on*).

It’s important to have a balance of objectivity and emotion when it comes to body recomposition.

While more objectivity would make it easier to implement any strategy, it’s always the emotion that drives people to get started.

If you lose the emotion completely, food intake becomes boring and repetitive.

Food brings significant pleasure into our lives, it’s not something we want to eliminate completely.

We have to be disciplined enough to make the frequency and volume of energy intake with the pleasure that comes from eating good food with or family and friends.

You can lose weight will maintaining pleasure from food.

It might be less frequent or voluminous, but it doesn’t have to disappear completely.

*any strategy you are implementing is offence - you are taking control and dictating the play. You fall back onto habits, not plans.

Tom Fitzgerald