Detox Juice Isn't Worth Your Time Or Money

This is a post I have scheduled on the Facebook page for later today, but I thought I'd post it to the blog now.


Juices and teas are good for cleansing your wallet, but not much else.

Whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat or do both, it will take some time and a plan. Sure, that sucks, but in a month (and two and three) you get the rewards of greater strength/muscle, loss of fat and a new found confidence that you've developed through your hard work.

Alternatively, you can cut out food and substitute in juices, teas or sap from a Himalayan mountain tree (new market opportunity). You probably won't make it through the week/month, but if you do, you get the reward of weight loss (combination losing fat, muscle and maybe even your mind). You're probably no fitter or stronger either, because it's pretty hard to live, let alone exercise on less than 1000 kcals per day.

Then you go back to eating the same food as before (because haven't looked at changing these habits) and next thing you know, you're back where you began. Better buy another supply of juices and repeat... not a bad business model.

I'm not here to shut down the juice/tea/Himalayan sap companies, they can sell whatever they want and people obviously buy it. However, if you are smart and good-looking enough to be following this page, do me a favour and don't waste your time or money on these products.


Anyway this was just meant to be a link post...

The nerds (cool ones) over at have written an awesome blog about the detox scam. It goes into good detail and is heavy on the truth.


My favourite part...

"A 2009 investigation found that not a single company behind 15 commercial cleanses could name the toxins targeted by their treatment, agree on the definition of the word ‘detox’, or even supply evidence that their products work."

So check it out and have a think.


"Don't focus on what's cool, focus on what works"


And yes, you can quote me on that.