Distance vs displacement

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key learning in biomechanics is the difference between distance and displacement.

Distance is how far something has travelled. 

Displacement is how far it is from the origin.

The best example is a 400m race on a running track. The distance run is 400m, but the displacement is zero, because you start and finish in the same spot. 

Or if you drive from Canberra to Sydney, the displacement is the same whether you go via Melbourne or not, while the distance travelled is quite different. 

I was talking to a client the other day about tightening up energy intake from meals out, because it is preventing the energy deficit we are trying to create.

We’ve tried a few things, but it seems to be whatever we remove is compensated for in these meals out (intake has increased as we made reductions elsewhere).

The hardest thing about situations like this is that you feel as if you are sticking to the plan most of the time, in fact more often than not, yet still not making progress.

A lot of effort is being expended, for a lack of progress.

And while it might seem frustrating as anything, and a great time to give up, it’s actually a great position to be in.

If there is just one thing to focus on, you can deploy maximal effort into doing so, until you get it right.

So if you’re stuck in a rut, and feel as if you have tried everything, step back and see what has worked so far.

Then see what hasn’t quite clicked - because that’s probably what will unlock the gains. 

Tom Fitzgerald