Do I find exercise fun?

Good morning.

To answer my own question: not really.

In fact, most of the aspects of exercise I find enjoyable - PB’s, pushing new limits, total focus/zoning out - are only appreciated once the session is done.

I can't say I really enjoy the process of achieving it, but that's not to say I hate it either.

It's somewhere in between, as I'll try to explain.

I reckon there are at least one or two mornings per week where I’ll try to convince myself out of training.

I usually tell myself 'just walk to the gym and you can leave if you don’t want to be there', but then I still spend the whole walk thinking about not training.

It’s not a hate or fear of training, it’s just the inclination not to do it now.

“I’ll train tomorrow instead”

“The surf looks good - it would be silly to waste that”

“My legs are sore - it might be time to back off training and deload”

“It’s raining - I don’t want to get the floor at the gym dirty” - that’s probably my favourite, because it was like I was doing a disservice to the gym owner if I went.

For me, exercise is like work.

There are a few great days, a tonne of average days, and some bad days when you just don’t want to go.

The alternative, be it the beach, sleeping in, or going to breakfast, will always be more appealing.

But training, I know it’s good for me; essential.

And I’d much rather stay on the train compared to getting off, and trying to jump on the next one.

Tom Fitzgerald