Dumb and bells

A barrier that most new clients encounter is the fear of making a mistake in the gym when they are getting started.

We aim to build programs with this in mind, by setting up strategies with exercise demonstrations and a clear outline of what the session will look like.

The more that is known - and can be investigated - before the workout, the better.

But while we can try to minimise and mitigate things that might cause embarrassment, there are always going to be some funny things that happen in the gym over time.

I’ve had many - from ripping shorts during squats (and not noticing due to headphones) to dropping bars, weight miscalculations, flooded bags, spraying protein shake over the gym and everything in between.

Making mistakes in the gym is a good thing because it means you’re in the gym, but that’s not overly comforting when it happens.

I get that, I am currently surfing at spots so far away from any other people right now that I have discovered fish previously unknown to humans.

I can build up my technique without getting in the way of every else there.

But this week, I thought I should share some of those mishaps I have had in the gym over the years, just to further reinforce the fact that I am far from perfect in the gym.

Tom Fitzgerald