Eat as many eggs as you like...

The other side of the energy balance equation is energy intake.

Unlike Christmas, which tends to be a ‘season’ as opposed to a single day, Easter is quite well contained.

There are fewer events and family gatherings tend to be the single meal.

The big danger is the eggs. Not the protein and fat containing varieties from chickens, but the sugar and saturated fat variety from the Easter bunny.

I have a pretty simple rule for this: eat as many eggs as you like, on Sunday, from 9 am to 12pm.

Don’t eat them before.

Don’t eat them after.

Just like one good day of eating won’t make you healthy, one big day of chocolate intake won’t kill you either.

But if you can contain it to a window, you can massively reduce caloric intake.

Besides, how often does it reach the afternoon on Easter and you find yourself reaching for the chocolate because it's there, not necessarily because you want it?

It also eliminates the chance of a chocolate dinner, which combined with a chocolate breakfast and chocolate brunch, is slightly excessive.

What about when they hand out Easter eggs at work?

Keep them for Sunday and shift the blame to me.

Tom Fitzgerald