Balance, but not necessarily energy balance

My festive season fitness advice is simple: it’s neither a time to make progress nor a time to completely relax - enjoy the time, but make sure you keep moving and be disciplined with intake between the main events.

I came across an interesting study this year that looked at weight gain during the festive season, particularly the often quoted statistic that most people gain about 5 pounds (2.27kg) between Thanksgiving and New Year.

The results showed that the average weight gain was 0.37kg, significantly lower than the 2.27kg that people associated with the festive season.

This falls into the category of maintenance that we mentioned the other day (+/- 1% for most people)

What’s more important than the fortnight from mid-December to New Year are the 50 weeks between New Year and mid-December.

If you can maintain your physical activity during the festive season, this will make it easier to carry through into the New Year and well into 2019.

While it might feel like you need to lose weight before the end of this year to give yourself a headstart for the next year, simply maintaining a level of physical activity will give yourself a huge advantage compared to if you do not.

So have fun and keep moving this festive season!

Tom Fitzgerald