Fast Tips for Fast Food

What I'm ordering when I'm getting fast food. 

Sometimes I don’t want to go home and cook meal after a long day...

Sometimes I get caught without food and need to get something quickly...

Sometimes it’s just easier to pick something up...

Eating fast food doesn’t need to be a nutritional disaster, and if you play it smart, you can make it work. Find some options that roughly suit your nutritional needs, something that will keep you full and that you will enjoy. 

As long as it doesn’t become the norm, there can be a place for convenient food options in your diet, especially when you are making good food choices the majority of the time! So next time you are stuck without foods and looking for something quick and easy, consider these seven options.


Nando’s – ¼ Chicken with Spicy Rice

Protein: 52g     Fat: 12 g     Carbs: 70g

Chicken and rice… how exciting! No seriously, it’s good! This meal contains a huge serve of protein and a moderate serving of carbs. There is plenty of spice on the chicken and rice, especially for someone like me with a weak tolerance. You could do a lot worse for lunch or dinner!

When would it fit in: Lunch option on training days.

Pros: Tastes good and fits macros quite well.

Cons: Can be hard to find.


Subway – Chicken Strips Sub (footlong).  

Protein: 40g     Fat: 9g     Carbs: 72g

The chain that promotes it’s low-fat range conveniently forgets to mention the carbohydrate content. If you are looking to lower carbohydrates, opt for the six-inch sub with double meat. You can go bread-free and order a salad, but you can find better salads, if that’s the case. Go easy on the cream-based sources, as the fat intake will stack up fast!

When would it fit in: After a workout or on a high-carbohydrate day.

Pros: Tastes good and reasonable nutrition content.

Cons: Getting a poorly constructed sub can ruin your week.


McDonald’s – Chicken Bacon Deluxe Burger

Protein: 37g     Fat: 24g     Carbs: 41g

In the nutrition game, McDonald’s has  been an easy target for criticism. But if you play it smart, you can always find a reasonable option on the menu. The macronutrients on this burger are reasonably well balanced, just don’t ruin it by adding a thickshake on the side!

When would it fit in: Late at night or while travelling.

Pros: 24-hour access

Cons: Repeatedly trying to explain that you just want the burger - not a meal – can get tiring.


Sushi – Assorted rolls

Protein: 15-25g     Fat: 5-15g     Carbs: ~80g

Sushi is my favourite post-workout treat. Three or four sushi rolls can take temporarily reduce the pain of leg day, until you try and walk out of the store. Try and get there early in the day or before lunch – any food that has been sitting for 5 hours could have some unwanted micro-sized friends on it.

When would it fit in: After workout treat.

Pros: Tastes good and fits macros OK.

Cons: There never seems to be a well-organised line at a sushi shop.


Crust – Peri Peri Chicken Pizza (5 pieces)

Protein: 75g     Fat: 45g     Carbs: 125g

Eating two pieces of pizza just isn’t an option… so if pizza sneaks onto the menu it needs to be well-planned and accounted for. When that has been done, there is no need to feel guilty about pizza (or any food) – just sit down and enjoy it!

When would it fit in: Treat meal or when out.

Pros: Taste, and I’m also convinced pizza can temporarily solve your problems.

Cons: Energy content #bulking.


KFC – Chicken Salad Twister + Potato and Gravy

Protein: 29g     Fat:15g     Carbs: 53g

I’m not a KFC fan, but since I promote eating chicken, it must be included. Apparently the potato and gravy is the bomb, so with only an extra 2g fat and 10g carbohydrates – we can add it to the meal!

When would it fit in: During a zombie apocalypse and nothing else is open.

Pros: Nobody does chicken like KFC

Cons: Their ads are terrible.


Zamberos – Chicken Powerbowl

Protein: 34g     Fat: 10g     Carbs: 48g

I used to be a burrito fan, but now things have changed. I’d love to say that was because of the high carbohydrate and fat content, but realistically, I got sick of paying extra to get some meat and guacamole on my burrito. Now I get the Powerbowl if I have to visit here. It’s not the biggest meal ever but it has some good protein and carbohydrate contents, and some vegetables thrown in for good measure.

When would it fit in: When I'm wearing rolled up chinos and feeling alternative.

Pros: Tastes good and fits macros OK

Cons: Not very filling if you’re hungry .


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Four fast food fast tips.

Stay on track with these handy tips!

  • Don’t order fries or any other sides.
    • These loaded with carbohydrates and fat, which won’t be doing you any favours.
  • Drink water.
    • Skip the sugary soft drinks and any other additive that come with it.
  • Order chicken.
    • Chicken is cheaper than red meats. This makes it more financially viable to include better quality chicken products compared to red meat, at the same price.
  • Don’t make it a habit.
    • Every now and then is fine, but if you’re eating fast food daily, try planning ahead and bringing your own meals for a week. You’ll save money and feel better – we like that! 

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