Fast tools

Fasting is a tool that can be used to manage energy intake.

Thinking about these strategies as tools is a good comparison - think about how Scott Cam would use his set of tools.

Scott knows a hammer seems like the best tool in the world when you are hitting nails, but it’s not as useful when you need to insert a screw.

Instead of trying to adapt the hammer to insert the screw, Scott will simply put down the hammer and grab a screwdriver.

Fasting works well for some people but is not sustainable for others, like many dietary systems.

Maybe it’s the fact that often the cause of the weight gain is eating, so we think that not eating is the logical solution.

However, we both know that cutting out all food indefinitely is not a viable solution and instead we need to make changes to food management.

So no matter which approach you take, there will always be a need to manage food intake relative to your expenditure and goals.

If fasting works well for you to manage that intake, then keep using it.

But if it doesn’t work well for you, don’t fight it and try something else.

Tom Fitzgerald