The festive season

As soon as the Christmas themed chocolates hit the supermarket aisle - which seems like May - so too come the articles about how to prevent weight gain during the festive season.

For those of who you have been following these emails for a few years, we’ve covered a few festive seasons with the theme of not trying to lose weight and that maintenance is a great result.

Maintenance = current weight (+/- 1%)

My recommendations for the festive season are straightforward: enjoy it, keep moving, be intelligent about energy intake, and don’t try to lose weight.

I’ll run through some of the strategies to make these happen this week.

Perhaps the most important thing is to there with expectations that are realistic, which often means focusing on habits instead of outcomes.

Don’t try to lose weight, it won’t happen.

Do try to keep exercising most days, it can happen.

Don’t try to stick to a rigid routine, it will be stressful when it can’t be adhered to.

Do have a general strategy and take opportunities to implement it.

It can be tempting to want to use the time off work to get a head start on your health and fitness for 2019, which can be achieved by increasing physical activity and being aware of your energy intake at different times.

But there is no need to lose weight during the festive season, that can wait until the new year!

Tom Fitzgerald