$2000/kg Gained

Good morning.

I have three questions today.

How much money have you spent on fitness, and related items, in the past 12-months?

I am talking gym memberships, activity trackers, activewear, shoes, headphones and iPods (for running, of course), personal training, fun runs, nutrition advice, etc.

Estimate the total figure, and don’t forget to minus any rebates or gifts from your employer.

How much have you improved over the past 12-months?

I am talking weight loss, fitness or strength gained, mobility improvements, the lot.

Are you satisfied with the return on investment?

I started referring to this ROI in 2016, so I have been asking these questions to new clients since then.

The average spend is $1500 - $3000 and weight gain of 0.5 - 1.5kg.

If we average that out, that’s paying over $2000 in the last year to gain 1kg!
But don’t get angry, or disheartened, read tomorrow’s email.

Tom Fitzgerald