Fluct that

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Weight fluctuates, which is why a single measurement using scale weight isn’t the best marker of progress.

Here’s my weight over the past four weeks.

Weight chart.png

Whilst the daily check-in is just a data point, it can be hard not to get caught up in the fluctuation, particularly when it goes up.

This can be demotivating and make you wonder why you are even bothering.

I prefer weighing in once per week, which is what I usually advise. This provides a better idea of progress and less opportunities to be demotivated by fluctuation.

If using daily measurements, a weekly average can be useful.

For example: my final weight last week was 95.1kg (700g gain from the previous week final weight), but the seven-day average was 94.8 (a 500g loss from the previous week’s average weight).

Scale weight is not a direct measurement of body composition, but it does give an idea of progress.

Because it's a cheap option that can be measured at home, unlike BIA or DEXA scans, so it's a useful tool to have!

Tom Fitzgerald