Following recommendations

When it comes to managing acute injuries further down the track, it’s important to think back to the early intervention and any professional recommendations.

Did you follow them?

Many people say the physio didn’t work for them, but they never followed through on the exercises and management plan.

In this regard, they have expected the physio to be able to fix their injury with a massage or realignment of sorts, which rarely happens.

Why do we do this?

I would love to know, because I do it too.

I can get positional vertigo that’s triggered by a few things.

I have a few quick exercises that I am meant to do a couple of times per week to help manage it.

If the vertigo hits, I am out of action for 2-7 days and unable to work, which is a big deal when running your own business.

You would think with a pretty small effort required to avoid a large negative outcome, I’d be incentivised to never miss those exercises.

Yet I haven’t done them for three months.

Next time it flares up, I will no doubt be frustrated that I can’t work and be looking to escalate the treatment to ensure this never happens again.

But then a few days later, once it settles down, I’ll recall that I didn’t do my exercises for three months.

Was it caused by the lack of exercises or not, I’ll never know. 

But I’ve never had a bout when I’ve done the exercises, which makes me think I need to get better at adhering, not trying to find another solution for now.

Be very honest with yourself when it comes to assessing whether you implemented or are adhering to the professional's recommendations.

The consistent application might be all you need to manage the issue, but you won’t know if you never try it.

Tom Fitzgerald