I AM writing these emails for YOU

Good morning, %FIRSTNAME%.

Last week, three people replied along the lines of ‘I feel like you are writing these emails directly to me.’
That’s because… I am trying to!
It just happens to be that a few other people are getting them too, so they won’t always hit the spot…
Tomorrow’s email might feel like I’ve written exactly what you’ve been thinking, and you’re reading it back to yourself.
On the other hand, Thursday’s email might make you go “yeah, make sense”, but there’s no real connection.
If you find no connection at all, or these emails are getting annoying, you can unsubscribe by hitting the button on the bottom right-hand side of the email.
I used to hate it when people unsubscribed from the email list. Besides the previously mentioned ego hit, it was a potential client lost.
But the list size doesn’t matter - it’s all about engagement.
I set up an automation last week that removes people from the email list if they haven’t opened an email for 30 days.
I put it off repeatedly because I was telling myself that whilst they might not be reading it now, they could be interested later on – and you don’t want to lose contact.
No way, they simply aren't interested! If they get interested later on, they will know where to find it. 
The 440 Club is only for the engaged!

Tom Fitzgerald