Getting the nutrition right

Since we are creating a -1000kcal of the -2366 weekly deficit from exercise, we need to find a way to reduce another -1366 from across the week.

That is an average of -196kcal/day.

For most people, that’s around 7.5-10% of their daily energy intake - so there’s the option to simply decrease portion sizes by that amount.

1366kcal per week is also equivalent to one bottle of red wine and three pieces of pizza - so maybe it’s a reduction in alcohol consumption and reducing intake/leftovers from the weekly takeaway meal.

A large flat white with full cream milk and two sugars is around the 190kcal mark - so the daily coffee order might be in for a change.

Notice that each of these options are different approaches.

The 7.5-10% reduction sees you keep food intake exactly the same, with reduced portion sizes. 

The pizza and red wine approach allow the rest of the week to stay the same, just managing the takeaway meal and wine consumption slightly differently.

The coffee requires a change to a daily habit, for most people.

There is no best approach - it’s important to find what works for you.

This is where tracking comes in, as it allows you to see where there might be easy wins (ie. calorie reductions) sitting in your current nutrition intake.

Tom Fitzgerald