It was a good move

Good morning.

Thank you for the emails over the past two days – it’s great to be back.
As is my style, I neglected the background information and got straight into work.
The move has been great. Kingscliff is a spectacular part of the world, Ellie loves her new job (and they love her), and our new place has this backyard - check the cover picture!

It’s a pretty good set up.
Of course, the removalist was held up at a weighing station at delayed by two days, but that’s OK – more time to plan where we put things (everywhere, still in boxes, must have been the conclusion). 
I am back working with clients as of yesterday, and clients are back in the gym today, so we are getting back into the swing of things for 2018.
I’m not a fan of new years resolutions – you can make a change anytime – but a few weeks away from work often allows people to detach from the day-to-day and maybe reassess their priorities, particularly anything that was neglected. 
It’s a boom time for Personal Trainers and gyms, whose offerings are in demand. 
On that note, we will have some new training availability, which I’ll update on later in the week (you will have first-access).
If you are thinking about making some changes, I recommend asking the question ‘why?’, about 5-7 times.
Why so many times?
It’s fascinating to see what the real motivation is.
More often than not, it has something to do with having a positive impact on your family, community, or the world.
Let’s consider me – I want to lose 6kg.
One: Why do I want to lose 6kg?
I want to drop below 90kg.
Two: Why is being below 90kg important?
That’s the ideal leanness for me before training performance and lifestyle become compromised.
Three: Why is getting that lean important?
It shows I’m leading from the front, practicing what I preach.
Four: Why is leading from the front important?
It helps my clients buy in, whether consciously or sub-consciously. 
Five: why is their buy-in important
They stick to the plan.
Six: why is sticking to the plan important to my clients?
Because they get the results they are after.
Seven: Why is getting results important?
Because it increases their confidence and improves their output into the world.
Now, you can keep going and the answers tend to come back to making the world a better place or something similar, which is great, but it soon gets a bit too distant for my liking. 

My answers don't necessarily mean I just want to hit a certain weight for my clients. I also want to look good and I enjoy the challenge of getting there.  
So why do the 5-7 answers matter so much?
Because these answers are closer to the true motivation, which will come in handy when you are struggling.
Picture this: it’s Thursday night, it’s been a busy week, and I really don’t want to cook a light chicken stir-fry for dinner. The massive chicken schnitzel and chips from the surf club is calling, and it’s friends cold beers and beach views are keen to come along too. 
Which of the following will be the more effective rationalisation for not going and sticking to my plan?
“I can’t, I need to lose 3 more kilograms so I can crack 90kg. 
“That’s not setting a great example for my clients”.
It’s pretty simple.
Does it work every time?
But it’s a whole lot more effective than generic goals that you don’t really care about.
Try it. 

If you’re game, write back and let me know what your goal and motivations are!

Tom Fitzgerald