Why Tuesday Is The Most Important Day of the Week For Weight Loss

How to get Tuesday Right.

In the world of fitness and nutrition, Monday is the superstar. New programs or subtle changes are often introduced on Monday, so it makes sense to focus on getting it done on the first day of the week... once you get off to the right start, the rest of the weekly simply falls into place, right?

Not so much.

Most people are doing Monday well and sticking to the plan. Motivation is high and trainers schedule enjoyable workouts to ensure client's show up and get their training done (Monday: international bench press day). This means people stick to their nutrition plan and push themselves during their training. 

Tuesday is the most important day of the week for sticking to the plan. Now the motivation begins to decrease and just as rapidly, the excuses increase. It is easy to justify a day off because you did so well on Monday, especially when you justify it with 'I will go twice as hard tomorrow.'

If you choose that road, you then get to Wednesday and have extra training to do, decide that it's too hard for that day and give up. Telling yourself you'll take it easy for the rest of the week and get it right next week.

Screw that!

Train hard Monday and back it up on Tuesday. You'll feel a whole lot better on Wednesday when you're 100% at the gym compared to being 50% (and then convincing yourself to start again next week).

So here are some common excuses to skip the gym and reasons you should stick to the plan.


One: You have to push through some soreness.

Most people rest on Sunday, which leaves them fresh to attack their training with vigour on Monday. The combination of hard training and motivation can lead to a nice case of delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) the following day. There is no reason to skip a leg session because your chest is sore, plus training through mild discomfort can build resilience. Increased blood flow from exercise can also can enhance the rate of recovery and reduce the perceived pain from DOMS in the muscles. Better hit the gym then!


Two: You’ve trained the fun muscles, now it’s time to grind.

As mentioned previously, Monday is international bench press day (and rightly so). This means you’ve stressed your chest, shoulders and triceps on Monday, meaning you should give them a rest on Tuesday (damn). If you follow a common bodybuilding split, this essentially leaves legs or back as your training options, neither of which are people’s most favoured exercise (high rep squats or pull ups anyone? No excuses though! These sessions are in your program for a reason, whether it be weight-loss, muscle gain or performance. Go in there, give it your all and get it done. Now you don't have to worry about it for the rest of the week!


Three: Work is getting really busy.

Maybe it is, but if you made fitness and nutrition a priority on Monday, there’s no reason to cut it out on Tuesday. Don't convince yourself you have to skip the gym to work late, stay until 5:05pm and then leave anyway because you're so 'tired' (and since you're 5 minutes late, gym is off the cards). If you really have no time to make it to the gym, do a modified training session at home that includes a tonne of burpees with minimal rest between sets. If you're like me, you'll probably find that next time you contemplate this session you'll find some time to make it to the gym to hit your session!


Four: You did so well yesterday.

That’s great, it truly is, but body composition changes come through consistent application and effort. You can very quickly undo your good work on Monday by skipping training or avoiding your nutrition plan on Tuesday. Stay on track, I guarantee you'll never wake up on Wednesday morning regretting how well you did on Tuesday, but you certainly regret not sticking to the plan!


Five: It’s cheap movie night.

It’s tempting to skip the gym and take advantage of the half price cinema tickets. If you really want to see a movie, hit the showers after the gym and head on down. Alternatively, hire a DVD and watch it at home. This is even cheaper and you can eat a good meal while you watch Toy Story 3. Either way, consider your snacks wisely and stay away from the choc-tops!

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