What's your hyperpalatable food?

Good morning, %FIRSTNAME%.

A hyperpalatable food is a food that once you start eating, you cannot stop and it leads to overconsumption.

I’m not talking about food you enjoy and can eat in large quantities, I am talking about foods that you won’t stop eating until they are all gone.

For most people, it’s sugary, savoury or salty foods - lollies, chocolate, biscuits, chips, etc.

Everyone has them - mine is caramel slice. The potential intake is scary.

This is not helped by the fact that Ellie’s aunt makes one of the best caramel slices I have ever eaten, which is an assessment based on a robust sample size. 

That’s probably the reason I gain weight every festive season.

If you are trying to control energy intake, the best way to manage hyperpalatable foods is to avoid them.

You can keep foods that you enjoy, or aren’t ‘healthy’, provided intake is moderated.

But consuming a food that you already know that you struggle to moderate is just plain dangerous and setting yourself up to fail.

Give it a try - it can make a huge difference to body composition removing a high-energy food that is consumed in large quantities.

What’s your hyperpalatable food? 

And will you commit to avoiding it for the next four weeks?

Tom Fitzgerald