IFN in 2019

There are some other changes for Integrated Fitness & Nutrition in 2019.

The personal training operation in Canberra will be shutting down and we will be providing services exclusively online.

Naj ran the personal training business for the past 12-months and is moving to Adelaide to dominate in the SANFLW - impressive for someone who just completed their second year of football.

Personal Trainer’s of Naj’s calibre are very hard to find and it would be impossible to find someone with the qualifications, skills and knowledge that Naj possesses to take over the role, so it makes sense to wind it up.

All clients and I are very lucky to have worked with Naj over the past three years and we wish her all the best in Adelaide!

This means that online coaching will be the only way to get 1:1 coaching from 2019.

The number of online coaching clients has doubled in 2018, benefitting from having my complete focus to implement some new systems and modifications.

All training sessions are hosted on an application that allows me to tailor your workouts, sets and reps, while allowing you to track each session and access video demonstrations when needed.

This allows me to see what you are doing in the gym and monitor progress across the duration of a training program.

There will be more to come in 2019, including some systems to personalise your coaching based on your output, particularly for those who are usable wearable activity trackers.

If you are contemplating online coaching in 2019, I would recommend getting in contact as early as possible and we can work towards a start date in the new year.

I spoke to a few people this year who had been following the emails for a few years and meant to get started with personal training ‘soon’ but then it was too late.

So if you are thinking about it, please do get in touch, because the best time to start is definitely sooner rather than maybe later.

Tom Fitzgerald