To revise, is wise

Good morning.

The purpose of this week's focus isn’t to convince you to spend more on services such as personal training and nutrition, which I conveniently supply.

Instead, it’s simply about stepping back and seeing where your money is going.

The person who spends $2000 to gain 1kg over 12-months probably feels like they invest a lot in fitness.

While they do invest a lot, the might not be investing too wisely.

Instead of getting frustrated, it's vital to identify where this capital could be allocated to bring a better return on investment.

I have just done the same thing for my business.

When I left Canberra, I had a good strategy for a business that was primarily in-person training, with a smaller online component.

It had worked really well. The month before I left, I had hit a monthly revenue goal that took 16-months to reach.

But when I moved, the online component had to grow. 

hile it might seem like online businesses simply require an internet connection and a colour printer (to print money), that's not always the case!

So I have been in the process of re-jinking a few things over the past few weeks. 

It makes you realise that managing a business is all about capital allocation - where do you put the money (and the time).

Managing your body composition is the same.

Before I go, I want you to think of a training and nutrition questions you have for me.

You've got until tomorrow to come up with one! 

Tom Fitzgerald