It's getting confusing

The biggest issue with nutrition and weight loss is the conflicting messages from all across the industry.

To sum up the past thirty years of public nutrition understanding would go something like this:

“Don’t eat fat - it makes you fat.”

“Actually, fat isn’t the problem - it’s sugar.”

“We still don’t like sugar, but maybe gluten is the issue.”

“Maybe it’s genetics?”

Cue confusion and disillusionment.

The reality is that body fat is accumulated on the back of an energy intake that exceeds energy expenditure (energy surplus).

Whether it comes from fat, carbs, sugar, lack of exercise, whatever - it doesn’t matter.

Removing any one of these won’t make a difference unless the surplus is removed and/or a deficit introduced (although their removal might induce the deficit).

But every targeted attack on a macronutrient or style of eating is another layer of confusion for the general public who might not follow the nutrition trends directly but come across what’s popular through the media and social.

It’s important to think about the person who is reading this information and the context of what they have read and implemented previously.

Because if someone isn’t getting results and the ‘best practice’ is continually changing, we end up with a situation where the individual is disillusioned with the industry and the industry just wants the individual to try this system because it’s ‘the one’.

Unfortunately, people won’t hang around that long.

Tom Fitzgerald