Everything has its place

Good morning.

Ellie and I both agree that everything has its place, although we differ slightly how specific that place needs to be.

Ellie prefers the specific approach (room - cupboard - shelf), whereas I take a more holistic approach - ie. it’s place is in the house (not too fussed where).

It’s like the difference between meal plans and macronutrient targets.

A meal plan seems rigid, but they make things simple and easy to follow.

Macronutrient targets come with more flexibility, but they require a bit of work to stay on top of.

Identifying the right approach for you is more important than trying to learn the other. 

At times, you need to compromise ie. your meals won’t be available, or you won’t be able to hit the macronutrients perfectly, but you just take it in your stride and get back on track as soon as possible.

These disruptions can be dangerous, because you feel the deviation from the plan feels like a failure, so you drop the plan completely.

But that’s silly.

Sticking to the plan 90% of the time is massively better than nothing at all.

I promised an email at 4:40 am every weekday this year.

The very first one didn’t send on time, because the new email provider didn’t have permission to send to so many people (they thought I had purchased the email list).

And then I’ve accidentally scheduled a few of them for 6:40 am or 4:40 pm on a number of occasions, as well. 

But none of that stops the next day's email from being sent, nor should it. 

So pick the structure, get started, and get back on track as soon as you can.

Tom Fitzgerald