Bad days

Good morning.

For those days when you just don’t want to exercise.

I’ve discussed the importance of discipline a few times and have referred to discipline-advocate Jocko Willink on others.

Basically, you need to rely on discipline not motivation, because motivation will fade. And when it does, you can't deviate from the plan.

But one thing I haven’t discussed is what happens when you deploy discipline when you aren’t motivated.

Sometimes the expectation is that when something is hard and you lack motivation, you will deploy discipline and then it will get easier.

Maybe. Sometimes the fact that you are sticking to the plan, even when you don’t want to, will motivate you to keep going.

That happened when I was running during a torrential downpour the other week - it was actually quite enjoyable knowing that the usually crowded path was empty because no one else wanted to be out there.

But on other days, most days, you will deploy discipline to keep going and then it’s still not fun.

You continue to stay disciplined a for a bit longer, and it’s still not fun.

It goes on and on, until you’re done.

You’re not a masochist for subjecting yourself to this level of discomfort (usually mild). 

In fact, I’d argue that you’re a masochist if you don’t.

If you don’t stick it out, now you’ve got the discomfort from knowing you gave up to add on top of the

How many times have you stopped doing something hard, but worthwhile, and the first thing you did was wish you hadn’t of stopped because you know you could have kept on going?

Keep going, you can rest tomorrow (if you need it).

Tom Fitzgerald