I love/hate meal plans

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I got rid of the current software I was using, it was too arduous to put the plans

I had to re-evaluate the use of plans earlier this year.

It can be odd writing a plan, knowing you are putting something together so specific that you only really want to be used as a guide.

I also think they are setting people up to fail, because it’s easy to think any deviation from the plan is a failure.

They provide an example of what an ideal food intake could look like, which can be very useful.

I have a love-hate relationship with meal plans.together, and decided to go meal plan-free.

But the problem is you still need a guide, be it for a template or specific structure, so I found myself just writing plans in email, weeks later.

So I scoured the internet - ie. searched Google - and found a much better meal planning software for my needs.

Aside from creating meals, I can track your food log in there. This means that when you complete the Tracking Challenge, I can produce a customised report, without pulling my hair out and using a calculator. 

I now find myself back in the land of meal plans, but the plans will be coming with a set of nutrition goals for a four-week block. 

My clients will be hearing more about this over the next few weeks.

Essentially, we will set up some goals and habits. The meal plan will be there to provide an example intake, or a template to make variations from.

This is more like eating in the real world.

You don’t need to plan everything, but you should always know what the rough plan is!

Tom Fitzgerald