Maintenance on the move

Many of the changes we can make to training and nutrition involve alterations within an existing environment - ie. home, work and even the restaurant's people tend to frequent. 

The environment isn’t always the same day-to-day, but it tends to be pretty consistent across the week or month, which makes it easier to build habits and routines tied to these places.

The opposite is true when people are on the road, which adds a level of complexity to managing body composition while travelling.

The first thing I should clarify is that if you are on holidays, it’s not necessarily the best time to start a weight loss regime - enjoy the time away and begin when you get back to your normal environment. 

I’m all for eating smart and staying active while away, but making any large lifestyle changes in this new temporary environment won’t necessarily transfer to coming back home and to work.

But when it comes to frequent travellers, be it for work or pleasure, it becomes necessary to manage body composition in these changing environments because the rules of energy balance apply in any jurisdiction, even international waters.

This means that if you are frequently away from home, you need to develop strategies to allow you to maintain or lose weight, depending on your goals.

It’s entirely possible, it just requires a different approach that is more self-directed.

Instead of training with friends or colleagues, it’s often important to have an exercise regime that can be done when time permits, hence why running is so popular with people who travel a lot.

There is more temptation at meals due to the amount of food and options to order when eating out, which means that you need to exert discipline more frequently than if you’d already purchased food and it was sitting in the fridge.

This week I am going to run through some of the strategies I have used with frequent flyers to help them manage their body composition while away from home.

Tom Fitzgerald