Good morning.

As mentioned yesterday, NEAT is any physical activity aside from exercise. It’s commonly referred to as ‘incidental exercise’.

NEAT includes sitting your desk reading this email, walking to the car, blinking, fidgeting, and any other non-exercise activity you can think of.

While NEAT tends to vary day-to-day, it is quite consistent when measured on a weekly basis. This is due to the fact that our weekly commitments tend to be quite similar.

Increasing NEAT should be done in the context of efficiency. Due to the low intensity of most NEAT, it can take a while to accumulate significant changes in energy expenditure.

Parking 20 minutes away from work will add 40-minutes of NEAT to your day, but it comes at a relatively low intensity.

That 40-minutes could have been spent in the gym or running after work, working at higher intensity.

Whilst NEAT is controllable, it is not a variable I invest too much time in manipulating with clients.

Sure, take the stairs where possible and if there is an option to take a walking meeting, do it.

But for most time-poor people, there are better variable to focus on first.

Tom Fitzgerald