New Year, New Me (starting February)

Another reason to get started before the end of the year is that New Year’s resolutions tend to start in February.

So your holding off for another two months might actually mean waiting for another three.

During my first year in the fitness industry, I fully expected to have hundreds of enquiries sitting in my inbox on January 2nd.

I had heard all the stories about gyms becoming packed out and selling 30% of their annual memberships in the first week of the new year.

So when I opened my inbox and found nothing, I was a bit surprised.

Instead of the anticipated deluge of new clients, January was a very quiet month.

A lot of my clients were out of town on and off over the month, so there were plenty of empty sessions on my calendar.

I started to wonder if I had done the right marketing or maybe people didn’t know I existed, because the month of January was silent!

But then as February came along the enquiries started to come.

Clients returned from holidays and I had a busy schedule again, filling in the gaps with new clients.

It wasn’t until after the fact that I realised that it didn’t really make sense for people to come flocking in January.

Aside from the fact that many are away on holidays during this time, it also tends to be a time of routines that are very different to normal.

Whether it be looking after kids or not having to work, for some people it’s easier to wait until they get back into their normal routine before adding a series of training sessions into it.

Therefore, the reality of most new years resolutions is that they get started in February, at least when they were working with me.

Nowadays I don’t take clients on in January, instead, we wait until February and get started when life returns to normal.

Tom Fitzgerald