Why Your New Years Resolution Should Start In February

Social media would have you believe that if you haven't worked out and eaten 'clean' (whatever that actually means) so far in 2015, you may as well give up and wait until 2016.

What a load of junk.

If your goal for 2015 is to get fitter and stronger, lose some weight, gain muscle or just lead a healthier lifestyle, what really matters is what you do for the duration of the year. Your real goal is to be in better shape on December 31st, not January 7th. 

I actually think that people often cannot achieve their new year resolution/goal, because they put too much emphasis at this time of year.



The key to success in fitness and nutrition is adherence and sustainability. If you have these elements, it is easy for fitness and nutrition to become part of your daily/weekly routine. Once it is part of your normal life, you can just let the program work its magic and the results will come. 

Now, the problem with this time of year is that for many people, they aren't operating within their usual routine. 

Are you?

Probably not. You're on holidays from work/study and during the next month, will probably be away from home for a while. There's also plenty of BBQ's, nights out and other situations where indulgence is on the cards and self-control might not be. 

This is fine, you should enjoy the time off away from your normal routine, because you'll be back into it all soon.

So you still haven't explained what routine has to do with not sticking to your resolutions?

Oh yeah, I have a habit of going off topic...

The reason that your normal routine is so important is because without it, you will essentially have to change your lifestyle, fitness and nutrition, twice.

Once on January 1st (or realistically the 2nd thanks to those vodka shots you got talked in to having) and then again when you finish your holidays and are back at work.


I think this is why so many people sign up to new gyms at the start of the year, fresh in the excitement of the new year and new them. They stick to it for a few weeks and make some progress, going to the gym at 9am and then heading home to make a nice lunch and dinner.

Then they head back to work/uni/spinning the decks in Ibiza and all of a sudden, they have to change overhaul everything again to fit in with their normal routine. 

Some make it, quite a few don't. 

So think about this... if you have started your new years resolution, whatever it may be, try to consider what might be different when your return to your normal routine.

If you haven't started it, that's fine. Think about the changes you want to make, how you will implement them and what you need. 

Don't use this post as a justification to be lazy for the next month (actually do whatever you want), but consider the key points above.

What's my new years resolution?

Sort out Integrated Fitness & Nutrition apparel. Mainly because I need some new shirts and gym shorts...

Thoughts on #gymtipswithfitz T-shirts? Are any of the tips good enough to be won in public?

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