Correction: not looking good at all

Good morning.

Well, this is awkward.

I drafted yesterday’s email almost twelve days ago, due to a busy couple of shortened weeks.

I meant to update the figure mentioned in the email (1.5kg to go) and the subject (“looking good”) to ensure they were accurate before the email went out, but I forgot...

It turns out things aren’t looking too good!

I wrote that email coming off a great ten-day period, where weight dropped by 2kg. 

Everything was going well, so I estimated the loss of 1.5kg over the next two weeks, prior to yesterday's email.

But guess what - weight hasn’t moved for two weeks. In fact, it's actually it’s +0.7kg...

So I am currently sitting at 93.8kg. 

With one week to go, the chances of hitting <90kg are non-existent.

Weight hasn’t moved for the past fortnight, which has included travel and the Easter long weekend. While that would usually be a good result, the plan was to have it moving.

Looking at the nutrient intake for the past two weeks, it’s clear to see that carbohydrate intake (average 230g, target 200g) and fat (average 86g, target 67g) have both exceeded targets, while protein intake (average 169g, target 200g) has consistently fallen short.

This is a reflection of food choices, nothing else. Quick options and eating out make those targets hard, but not impossible.

I’m a bit surprised the weight hasn’t moved at all over the past fortnight, because I ramped up training in the gym and cardio.

Time is in the gym has doubled, and cardio is up by 50%. I even ran my first 10km in nine years on Wednesday!

Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a drop coming soon. The increased exercise and the end of Easter festivities, combined with the way weight has moved so far (see graph below) means there might be one final drop before the end of week eight.

Before I go into full review mode, I’ll let the next week play out and see what happens. 

I’ll be sticking to the system for another week, and won’t be doing any crazy water manipulation in the final week to alter the numbers.

At the end of the day, if you’re using scale weight to measure changes in body fat, you’re cheating yourself by using water manipulation!

Let’s see what happens.

Tom Fitzgerald