Not my fault

Good morning, %FIRSTNAME%.

Ellie and I went to Sydney a couple of weeks ago - a surprise trip for her birthday.

Since it was a surprise, it meant Miss Organised wasn’t involved in the planning, so I was in charge of booking flights.

We got there fine, but when it came time to check in to fly back, there was no record of our flights in the system.

I checked the dates, 15th - that’s us, what could be wrong?

Still no answer.

15th July. 

OK, that’s the problem - it was the 15th of April.

We told the service attendant, who thought it was pretty funny and sent us to the sales desk to work out how to get home (ideally in the next three months).

It was sorted quickly and we got on the flight we thought we were on, that night.

We were second in a line of four. What was interesting was that everyone was there for reasons that were not their fault.

The guy in front of us had to pay excess baggage for his grandchildren who were flying unaccompanied. He wasn’t happy there were costing him $80, which he made clear to them.

That was their fault, not his.

The guy behind us had a flight booking for the wrong day, because his mate had made the wrong booking.

That was their fault, not his.

And best of all was the lady at the back of the line who had missed her flight who was sharing her new-found vitriol for Sydney.

It had allegedly taken her 90-minutes to get from Bondi to the Airport, causing her to miss the flight.

(Weird, because it took us 25 minutes to get there from Paddington - 5km down the road - and all the traffic was around the Airport).

She was adamant about never returning to Sydney after this atrocity.

That was Sydney’s fault, not hers.

“What am I supposed to do - leave 3 hours early to travel 500m?”

So good.

The lack of ownership was fantastic, so much so that I won’t even bother tying it back to training and nutrition.

I know what you are thinking: “it’s pretty easy for you to highlight everyone else’s reactions when you made no mistake at all”.

That’s true.

But I was extremely supportive of Ellie, despite her failure to check the itinerary more closely when she saw it.

I’m sure lessons were learned and this will be a positive experience moving forward.

Her fault, not mine!

Tom Fitzgerald